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Sensation heat on the Mon Early morning

Classé dans : bondage sex,sex,sex toys — 30 juillet 2013 @ 10 h 23 min

What a fabulously sunny Monday morning! Kids are back at school, theres a smile on my face and a twinkle on various parts of my body.

Despite the sunshine its not quite warm enough yet to use my Durex Massage Melts, although they are in the freezer ready to be popped out and melted as I well melt heatedly and hopefullypop.

Speaking of explosive relief, I finally couldn’t wait any longer.I had made the decision yesterday (in a calm and controlled manner of course, not frenzied and desperate at all) to wait until this morning to renege on my hand made orgasms awhile and revert to my bullet for a soothing andmuch needed climax.

Sensation heat on the Mon Early morning dans bondage sex 2010

During the early morningwalk in the surprising April sunshine,my titanium, diamante ended barbell teased me as I paced and mulled the plan over.I returned hom.

Horn in her professional side, Patrice.(Huh? I did not see that one coming.I am skeptically intrigued by this turn of events. Note: Although I found this lobster analogy to be a good one, it can never top this use of lobsters-as-related-to-love-lives on television.Ever.

Have you ever found yourself in a « Lobster Situation »? How did you handle it? Have you e.

Puffed up lips to check just how wet this dirty bitch was. My findings, moist and ready.

The tip of the Tiger soon parted me as it slipped inside my cunt and I accommodated its substantial girth with a sigh. I could feel each pronounced ridge of the velvety shaft as it entered me, stimulating my vaginal muscles. Boy did that feel good.

The finish of the shaft aided the stimulation providing the right amount of friction to arouse when coupled with the undulation. I was already on my way before I pressed any buttons. What else could the Tiger offer me?

2047 bondage sex dans sex

A couple of depressions of the speed button and I was humming with the deep waves of vibration. And lets not forget that clitoral nub, it was pressing against my clit as the Tiger worked my g-spot, what more could a girl wish for!? FUCK!

If the neighbours were in they would have heard some expressive expletives leave my lips as I worked that vibe in and out of my hungry pussy.? And then…I let go. Quivering and trembling with the intensity of the sensory onslaught I came.

What more could a girl ask for…

This vibrator is a good all rounder, the full package and would make a great companion for moderate to experienced users but I feel it could be a little too challenging for the beginner. But hey!? If you like a challenge then this is certainly a good vibrator to opt for and I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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